Breaking A Monster
Breaking A Monster The Story of Unlocking the Truth Downloadable Video - 2015

The 2 clips from home videos at the beginning of the movie show the impressive improvement in skill on the electric guitar over 9 months.

It was amusing to see representatives of Sony talking to the kids like they were adults. The kids were bored. One was even playing a hand held video game under the table at the meetings. The adults even had a story board made up for a music video before consulting the kids. One of the kids spoke up and said that idea for the video had nothing to do with what the song was about.

There's footage of the kids signing contracts. Are the contracts even valid? Since the kids are minors, is it legally binding?

It was great to see the footage of the kids in concert and the positive response they got from the adult crowd. Some critics consider the kids nothing more than a novelty act because they're still in grade school, or because they're African-Americans playing heavy metal. But the people in the mosh pit in the background of the concert were enjoying what they were hearing and not watching a novelty on stage.

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