The Philadelphia Story
The Philadelphia Story DVD - 2000 | Standard version

(*Favorite movie quote*) - "You'd have to be as rich as the Lord's to live in a dump like this."

Released in 1940 - Though I'm far from being a fan of "Screwball" comedy, I found that I actually enjoyed "The Philadelphia Story" ("TPS") for the most part.

Containing plenty of smart, rapid-fire dialogue, "TPS" was certainly a well-crafted, MGM showpiece, as well as being a pinnacle of 1940's style & glamour.

Regardless of its obvious weaknesses, "TPS" was clearly something of a triumph in that it had the ability to entertain this jaded viewer without the use of crime & violence as its story's catalyst.

With its distinctive flavor of "high-society" elegance, this film's story concerns the well-deserved comeuppance of the brash & snooty, Tracy Lord, a spoiled, rich, socialite (with plenty of airs) who's soon to become a blushing bride.

Filmed in glossy b&w, "TPS" was directed by George Cukor. It starred Cary Grant, James Stewart and Katharine Hepburn.

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