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Financial Health and Wellness

11:00 AM – 12:00 PM


Join the Library as we welcome financial wellness instructor Brad Hamada of the Heartland Institute of Financial Education back for a series workshop on financial health and wellness!

The Heartland Institute of Financial Education runs financial education courses in cities across the United States and Canada. They work to empower people through financial education and their mission is to provide financial education programs so that everyone may enjoy a more financially secure future. They believe that financial wellbeing is fundamental to the foundation of every successful society.

These workshops take place on the 3rd Friday of the month from June 18 to November 19. Registration is required. Zoom link will be sent the evening before the workshop. See below for workshop topics.

June 18: Workshop 1 - Building Savings and Wealth

In workshop 1 of this workshop series, we discuss the overall importance of understanding why we save money and the goal setting process. Basic concepts of money and planning are discussed to provide perspective on the long term objective of financial education and literacy, and a plan of action is laid out as a foundation to the rest of the course that will be addressing the necessary concepts to build a strong financial foundation and future.

July 16: Workshop 2 - Increase Cash Flow and Manage Debt

Cashflow is all about two things: 1) spending less and 2) making more. Learn how you can create the habits to pay yourself first, then learn about 20+ places where the money will come from to accomplish the task! Identify and utilize tangible resources to help you organize your finances and start to create a strategy for long term success. Start to identify where your money is going and begin to prioritize your assets and deprioritize your liabilities.

Debt is one of those annoying things that many people liken to a leaky faucet that just won't stop running! Over time, the leak can increase and cause major problems. How can you stop this proverbial financial leak? You will learn some simple, yet very powerful strategies that you can use to eliminate debt faster without affecting your credit score or damaging your financial standing.

August 27: Workshop 3 - Preparing with Proper Protection

In this workshop you will learn about the most effective and efficient way to build a strong financial future using a few very simple rules of thumb and a little bit of common sense. Understand how to prioritize your financial obligations to maximize your peace of mind. What is the best way to protect your assets, your hard earned possessions, and most importantly, your family’s financial future? Understand how insurance works, how it plays into your financial life, and understand what is the most suitable program for your situation.

September 17: Workshop 4 - Your Health and Wealth

We start this workshop with an eye opening discussion about estate planning and it’s uses for two types of people: 1) those that have passed away and 2) those that are incapacitated. Either way, if it’s not planned ahead for, it can affect generations of your family. Learn what makes up an estate plan so you can have peace of mind that you put together the proper estate plan for your family.

Healthcare costs are a mounting concern in today’s society, and we will discuss what today’s healthcare system looks like, as well as how the health care system offers support to seniors and the options that people have to manage their health care costs to preserve their assets. Learn about how Medicare, Medicaid, and Long Term Care, how they support elders, and what the options are for different seniors’ situations.

October 15: Workshop 5 - Understanding Asset Accumulation Strategies

In this workshop we discuss how to properly build towards your investment goals. It is important to have a plan on how you save your money, and also understand what strategies can help you optimize your money over the long term. You will solidify your knowledge on how to apply money concepts to your life so you can accumulate assets and build wealth with utmost confidence.

November 19: Workshop 6 - Fulfilling Long Term Goals

In the final workshop in the series, we discuss two important long term goals in people’s financial picture, 1) College Planning and 2) Retirement. College planning is probably one of the most misunderstood processes in the financial planning process, and you only have one chance to get it right for your student. Learn how to optimize the college process by understanding the main priorities along the way to maximize their college experience and minimize your financial output.

Retirement is your longest term goal in your financial life. With so many options over so many years, it is important to understand early and plan it properly. After this workshop, you will be able to identify the options, recognize how they are best used, and plan for a long, peaceful retirement.

Suitable for:
Business & Entrepreneurship
Continuing Education & College

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